Report: iPhone 14 Pro to sport new notch style

Next year’s iPhone 14 Pro will sport an all-new notch design, according to a recent online report.

Korean website The Elec. claims that 2022’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will do away with the prominent notch that’s been part of the series since the iPhone X in 2017.

Instead, it’s said that the new Pro phones will go with a hole-punch notch design. Presumably a centrally place one, just like Samsung’s phones.

If true, this would seem to suggest that Apple had found a way to move its Face ID technology under the display. We’ve had in-display cameras before, of course, including in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. But they’ve always offered massively compromised selfie pictures.

Perhaps these compromises won’t matter so much in a system that’s designed to scan your facial features rather than capture accurate shots of you gurning in front of famous landmarks.

The report claims that the regular non-Pro phones – essentially the iPhone 14 in 6.1-inch and now 6.7-inch guises (bye-bye Mini) – will stick with the iconic Face ID notch that we all know and love/hate/grudgingly accept.

This report would seem to tally with what we know so far. The iPhone 13 range featured 20% smaller display notches, which is as good as an acknowledgment from Apple that it’s looking to reduce and ultimately remove that prominent ridge.

Another slight change mentioned in this latest report is Apple’s alleged shift from using Samsung as its exclusive supplier of LTPO OLED displays, with some orders going to LG Display for the class of 2022.

Apple has evidently been burned by the recent component shortage woes that have affected all manufacturers, and is looking to diversify its supply chain a little.

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