Samsung announces likely Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sensor

Samsung has officially announced the ISOCELL HP2 camera sensor, which is practically nailed on to make an appearance in the Galaxy S23 Ultra in just a few weeks.

We’ve been hearing so many reports about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and its fancy new 200MP camera, they’re almost certainly accurate.

Samsung itself has just added further weight to the claims by announcing the ISOCELL HP2 – a high-end 200MP image sensor.

Besides this 1 minute 13 seconds YouTube video promising “more pixels” and “epic details”, Samsung has issued a press release running through some of the finer points.

We learn that the ISOCELL HP2 is a huge 1/1.3″ sensor with Tetra-pixel pixel-binning capabilities that can simulate a variety of pixel sizes to suit the situation. For example, in low-lit scenarios it might switch to a 50MP sensor producing 1.2μm pixels or a 12.5MP sensor producing huge 2.4μm pixels. It’ll hit the former, too, when capturing 8K video, which results in less cropping.

Elsewhere, Samsung’s Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology enables the ISOCELL HP2 to reduce overexposure and enhance color reproduction in brighter shooting situations.

At the opposite end of the shooting spectrum, Super QPD technology lets the sensor use all 200-million of its pixels for focusing, resulting in super-sharp autofocus even in low light.

If there’s any lingering doubt that the ISOCELL HP2 is imminently bound for a brand new phone, Samsung signs off its press release with the reveal that “The Samsung ISOCELL HP2 has entered mass production.”

With Samsung recently confirming that it will hold its next Unpacked event on February 1, as predicted, we shouldn’t have too long to wait before we can get hands-on with the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its 200MP camera.

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