Samsung could keep Galaxy S21 price for Galaxy S22

Samsung will reportedly keep up the aggressively low price it introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S21 when it launches the Samsung Galaxy S22 early next year.

When the Galaxy S21 launched earlier in the year, it marked a clear change of direction from Samsung after the pricy Galaxy S20 era. Here was a flagship phone that made a couple of key concessions on materials in order to hit a relatively low price tag.

Samsung looks set to maintain that push with the Galaxy S22, if a new report from SamMobile is to be believed. The website’s sources claim that Samsung will stick with identical pricing for the base Galaxy S22.

If true, that would mean a starting price of £769 / $799 for the Samsung Galaxy S22. It could be argued that this is a bigger move than that initial Galaxy S21 pricing decision, given that costs have only risen in the past 12 months or so.

We should emphasise that this price freeze news pertains only to the entry-level Galaxy S22. There’s no mention of pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S22+ or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Fingers crossed for a similar price freeze there.

If this news is accurate, then the Galaxy S21 FE will have to have a seriously tempting price tag to make it worthwhile. Samsung’s heavily delayed value-focussed reworking of the Galaxy S21 is seemingly imminent, but would risk looking like poor value if it was priced anywhere near to the Galaxy S22 so close to the latter’s release.

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