Samsung Galaxy A53 5G vs Galaxy A33 5G: 5 key differences

Samsung has just unveiled two rather similar mid-range phones, and we have broken down the key differences between the two so that you can make a choice.

Samsung’s A series is a long-running bracket of low- to mid-range devices that are widely stocked and very popular among customers who want the reassurance of the manufacturer’s good name without the hefty price tag that comes with the top-line S series.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and Samsung Galaxy A33 5G have just been announced, and while they might seem very similar at first glance — both offer 5G connectivity, an Exynos 1280 chipset, and a Full HD+ Super AMOLED display — we have managed to pick out five key differences that separate the two devices. Read on to find out just what they are.

1. Refresh rate

One key specs difference between the two devices is the refresh rate, which means the number of times the display refreshes itself every second – a higher number means a smoother-looking screen. Many phones at this price point will be stuck at a standard 60Hz, but both of these handsets boast an enhanced refresh rate.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

The A33 has a 90Hz refresh rate, but the A53 boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, which is as high as you’ll see on most flagship smartphones today. This should mean that you’ll notice a comfortable difference when running 120fps games, or scrolling down social media feeds.

The refresh rate of both phones is said to be adaptive — meaning it changes depending on the task you’re undertaking, either maximising smoothness or prioritising battery life — but the exact range has not been clarified yet.

2. Wide angle sensor

The next key difference occurs with regard to the camera. The lead sensor of the A53 has a 64-megapixel resolution, which overshadows that of the A33, which has a 48-megapixel resolution. Both have an f/1.8 aperture, autofocus, and optical image stabilisation, but we would expect somewhat sharper images from the A53 based on this specification.

3. Ultrawide sensor

There’s another difference in the camera when it comes to the ultrawide sensor too. The A53 once again has a slightly higher resolution, 12-megapixels to be exact, whereas the A33 has a resolution of 8-megapixels. Again the aperture is the same (f/2.2), and they are both fixed-focus.

We’ve not yet had enough time to test the cameras under different conditions, but our very first impressions indicated that the main and ultrawide sensors on both devices seemed capable, delivering that typical Samsung result with saturated colours, but that the depth and macro sensors may amount to little more than window dressing.

4. Screen notch

Another design difference, one of the very first you might notice once you boot up the two phones, is the difference in the screen notch, where the selfie camera is housed.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

The A33, pictured above, has a more obvious notch because it hangs down from the bezel above the display, while the A53 has a hole-punch notch meaning that just a small circle at the top of the screen is obscured.

The selfie camera that you’ll find in the notch of each device has a 32-megapixel resolution and f/2.2 aperture.

5. Price

The most tangible of all the differences between the A33 and A53 is likely to be the price, as that’s the biggest single factor that influences your purchasing decision. The A33 has a Recommended Retail Price of £329, while the higher-spec A53 has an RRP of £399.

Early Verdict

We’ll be able to give you solid buying advice after having reviewed the two handsets ourselves, but from our early impressions both of them have looked tempting choices. It’s worth remembering that despite the few differences mentioned above, both still have the same snappy chipset, an attractive yet robust design (with IP67 dust/water resistance), a good screen for the price, and 5,000mAh battery life.

The slight upgrade of the A53 might win you over, but the A33 still packs the same key features that will make the most impact on your day-to-day usage.

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