Samsung Galaxy S22 release date leaked in advance of official announcement

The official release date for the Samsung Galaxy S22 appears to have been revealed in advance by a reliable Twitter tipster, and it’s not exactly what we had expected.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is set to be launched on 9 February 2022, according to what seems to be an official publicity image that was leaked in advance of the announcement by Evan Blass (@evleaks), a well-known tech insider who has a reliable track record.

The image shows an S logo inside a transparent cube, along with the slogan “The Epic Standard” emblazoned underneath. There seems to be little information given away by these design choices, unless they’re very cryptic, but the most useful information is printed below: the next Galaxy Unpacked event will take place on 9 February 2022 at 15:00 local time. Previous rumours had indicated that the launch could have happened the previous day, but this leak is by far the most reliable information we’ve yet received on the matter.

The leaked date was further corroborated by Tech Insider’s discovery of a line of code on Samsung’s website that confirmed the Unpacked 2022 event to take place on 9 February at 10am EST (3pm GMT).

We strongly expect the brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship smartphones to be unveiled at this event, so it’s no wonder that this sneak preview has garnered so much attention. The series, which succeeds the Samsung Galaxy S21, is expected to consist of a standard model along with a Plus version and Ultra edition, and from launch they are expected to be among the very Android handsets on the market due to the powerful performance, high-spec screens, and finely-tuned cameras that each one is anticipated to be equipped with.

That’s not all that’s thought to be in the offing at the same event; the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is also expected to be launched at the same time, the much-awaited follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. This range of tablets is also speculated to be available in three different formats, including a Plus size and an Ultra option, and the three are rumoured to have large Super AMOLED screens and generous batteries.

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