Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is struggling to get on the Wi-Fi

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been almost universally acknowledged as the best and most advanced smartphone Samsung has ever made.

However, it appears some users are having issues with the most rudimentary and essential functionality you could ask of a modern smartphone – the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi at home.

Early Galaxy S23 Ultra buyers have descended upon the r/Samsung subreddit (via Android Central) to complain about an apparent bug which informs users they are “connected without internet.”

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The problem, which became apparent over the weekend, appears to surface when attempting to connect to home networks operating off the modern Wi-Fi 6 routers.

One user said they’d purchased two devices, one had the issue and one worked just fine. They replaced the malfunctioning unit, only to receive another that could not connect to the Wi-Fi. The thread’s original poster said they had contacted Samsung customer service representatives, who said they were aware of the problems, which would be addressed in a future update.

“So just an update, I called Samsung and spoke to a tech (Hugo). He was actually pretty knowledgeable about the issue and said Samsung is well aware of the issue and are working to “improve” the situation,” wrote u/jericko.

“He said the next update should have something to address it as they are taking quite a few calls about this issue and have seen it themselves. He said if I wanted he could set me up with a Samsung repair shop and have the phone looked at, but I opted to wait for the next update.”

The possibility of fixing the issue with an update suggests it’s on the software side of things, rather than some devices shipping with defective Wi-Fi radios or other components. For Samsung’s sake and early adopters we hope that’s the case. Otherwise, the company is facing an expensive problem in its replacing some devices.

However, considering Wi-Fi 6 is still an emerging technology and not a huge number of people have compatible routers in the home, it may not be affecting many people.

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