Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Which wearable wins?


Samsung has just unveiled its latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5. Is it a big step up from its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4?

Wearables can be immensely useful devices for tracking your health and exercise, or accessing handy smart features without having to get your phone out of your pocket. Samsung’s line of smartwatches has long been considered among the best you can buy, but what new features are coming to the Galaxy Watch 5? In this article, we focus on the major upgrades on this watch from its predecessor.

Sapphire Crystal display

The Galaxy Watch 5 is Samsung’s first to feature a Sapphire Crystal display, which the brand claims to be “60% harder” and therefore will offer more robust protection against the kinds of knocks and scratches that your wearable may experience in day-to-day usage.

Sleep Tracking

The native sleep tracking has been upgraded with the Galaxy Watch 5; Sleep Scores monitor stages of sleep, and measure snore detection and blood oxygen levels, while sleep tracking gives a tailored, month-long guided programme on how to improve your nightly rest.

Battery capacity

The size of the battery has also been boosted with the Galaxy Watch 5. The 44mm edition of this watch has a 410mAh capacity, whereas the previous generation had a capacity of just 361mAh. Considering that we were already rather impressed by this, then we’re expecting even better things from Samsung’s newest wearable.


As is typical when moving from one generation of tech product to the next, there has been a price increase for the new Galaxy Watch. It costs £269 for the base model, whereas its predecessor cost £249 at launch. Considering the relatively modest additions from one to the other, you may be surprised by that jump in cost.

Early impressions

It’s early days so far, and we’ve not had much hands-on time with the Galaxy Watch 5, let alone enough time to run it through our full review. However, it seems like the latest update is a fairly modest one over the admittedly excellent Galaxy Watch 4. If you want to get your hands on the very best that Samsung is offering the wearables sector then you might be better off checking out the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.


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