Save £149 on the OnePlus 10 Pro with this top deal

The latest phone from OnePlus has just seen a nosedive in price, and now you can save almost 20% off its price with this Amazon Prime Day deal.

OnePlus is one of the best-respected tech brands around, and it’s won a strong reputation for making great smartphones that pack in high performance along with superb screens. The OnePlus 10 Pro is no exception to that rule, and now you can get it cheaper than ever thanks to a fantastic deal on Amazon Prime Day 2022, which sees its price cut by £149.

Save £140 on the OnePlus 10 Pro with this top deal
If you’re an Amazon Prime member searching for a great value smartphone, then this deal could be just right for you. Offering flagship-level performance and a wonderful screen, this phone has never been more tempting now that you can save £149 on the RRP.

As you can see from the Keepa graph below, the OnePlus 10 Pro has kept its price stable since launch without many fluctuations, but this lightning deal has drastically reduced the up-front cost you’d have to pay by £149:

In our review of the OnePlus 10 Pro, we singled out its fantastic screen for particular praise, along with its strong performance standards. The LTPO display is silky smooth, thanks to a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and the sharp resolution twinned with HDR10+ support makes sure that any visual content really bursts out with flair. Its processing power matches many other Android flagships on the market too, despite its lower price.

However, our biggest criticism was that the camera isn’t quite as good as many other top-class smartphones these days, with there being a strange disparity in the colour palette between its three different lenses.

Nonetheless, this is still a very strong phone overall and definitely worthy of your consideration, especially now that the price is lower than ever before (only for members of Amazon Prime).

If you’re on the lookout for even more excellent deals that you want to take advantage of, then you should head over to our comprehensive live deals page, which is constantly updated with the very best tech deals available on Prime Day.

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