Surface Duo is dead as Microsoft pivots to true foldable – report

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Microsoft has reportedly cancelled the Surface Duo dual-screen phone range after just two generations.

Windows Central sources say there’ll be no Surface Duo 3 with Microsoft instead pivoting to a foldable handset akin to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold line. The report says there’ll be a foldable internal display and an external cover display.

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The decision came after a year of experimenting with the hardware’s form factor, according to the sources. However, Microsoft’s commitment to the dual-screen form factor has been in question almost since the first device launched.

The initial device was launched in 2019, but didn’t make it to the UK until February 2021. Even then, the Android powered device had limited support. The second-generation device arrived that October, but the £1,349 price tag was steep, even though the internals had been improved and 5G was added.

However, it struggled to make a name for itself, the implementation of Android wasn’t the best and it’s probably no surprise to see Microsoft changing tack now it seems consumers have decided on foldables rather than the book-like double screen alternative the Surface Duo touted.

The report says, Microsoft had got as far as finalising the design of the Surface Duo 3 and confirming new features before pivoting, but it’s certainly better late than never. The report reads:

“I’m told this new foldable device came about after the company had already finalized a dual-screen design for Surface Duo 3. This original dual-screen design was supposed to ship at the end of 2023 as the next Surface Duo, featuring narrower and taller edge-to-edge displays, wireless charging, and other improvements.”Windows Central

Whether Microsoft would have a foldable ready for a 2023 release remains to be seen.

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