The 256GB iPhone SE is now a total steal with this phenomenal deal

If you’re after an iPhone with stacks of storage on a cheap contract, this iPhone SE 2 deal could be for you.

Mobile Phones Direct is currently offering an iPhone SE 2 with a whopping 256GB of internal storage on a 24 month contract for just £16 per month, with a small up front fee of £39.

Get a 256GB iPhone SE and 100GB data for £16 a month
You can currently pick up an iPhone SE 2 with 256GB of storage on a 24 month contract with 100GB of monthly data allowance for just £16 per month.

Mobile Phones Direct
100GB data
£16 per month

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The contract is also appealing. It’s on Three, and it offers unlimited texts and minutes and a plentiful 100GB of monthly data.

Together with that ample storage and the unusually compact iPhone SE, this would be the perfect pick for anyone who travels a lot and listens to a lot of music whilst doing so.

Note that this isn’t the iPhone SE (2022) that launch last year, but rather than phone’s predecessor from 2020. Still, it remains a capable phone, and you can rest assured Apple will continue supporting it for years to come.

We commented in our original review that “Flagship performance should keep this speedy for years”, and I can say from personal experience that the phone still runs smoothly to this day.

The phone’s 12MP camera takes decent shots and excellent video in good lighting too. While its design is pretty old school, it’s exactly the same as that of the iPhone SE (2022) that replaced it in the line-up. We’re talking spot-the-difference stuff here.

It’s also worth noting that you get wireless charging with the iPhone SE 2, which isn’t something you often get in such an affordable device.

All in all, a very appealing iPhone SE 2 deal for a particular kind of data and storage-hungry person.

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