The best iPhone 14 deal we’ve seen yet has just appeared

MobilePhonesDirect is offering up an incredible SIM deal on the iPhone 14 for just £37 per month over two years.

We’ve found yet another fantastic SIM deal on the Apple iPhone 14. This time, it comes with an upfront cost of £37 and a monthly fee of £39 over a two-year period. When you take the price of a SIM-free iPhone 14 into account, at £849, you’re paying just £78 for this SIM deal, which comes out at £3.25 a month.

This makes it more accessible than buying the phone outright, and we doubt that any SIM deal you could find after the fact would match this in terms of price. This deal is on the Three network and comes with 100GB of data, unlimited texts and calls.

This iPhone 14 SIM deal is too good to pass up
This iPhone 14 deal is definitely worth your time, with an upfront cost of just £39 and a monthly bill of £37 for 100GB of data and unlimited calls and texts.

£39 upfront cost
£37 a month

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We gave the iPhone 14 a four-star review, as while it is not a massive upgrade on the iPhone 13, it is still a fantastic phone. We thought that it had a great battery life, with our tests showing that the phone will drain by around 9% after streaming HDR content at maximum brightness for an hour.

As usual, Apple knocked it out of the park when it comes to the camera, with two cameras on the rear and an improved selfie camera. It boasts a 12-megapixel main sensor and a 12MP ultrawide sensor, and we noted that the ultrawide camera is capable of churning out much better low-light shots than its predecessor.

Colours popped during daylight photos with lots of detail and dynamic range, and the larger sensor allows for a shallower depth of field than the iPhone 13, which allows for a more naturally blurry background when shooting up close.

We can’t make any promises on how long this deal will last, but we know that it’s a fantastic upgrade for anyone who hasn’t switched out their phone in a few years. Make the most out of this discount and snatch up a new iPhone 14 before it’s too late.

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