The first Snapdragon 898 phone could come from Xiaomi

Xiaomi could be first in line to launch a smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 898, according to a new report. 

Qualcomm is expected to release its next flagship chipset – the Snapdragon 898 – very soon, and now we’re hearing whispers of which manufacturers are busy developing phones for it. 

Weibo tipster Digital Chat Station says that Xiaomi will get there first, followed by Motorola with it’s own phone scheduled to arrive before the end of the year (via TheMobileHut). 

While Digital Chat Station didn’t revel the name of either phone, we do know that the Xiaomi 12 is expected to arrive before 2021 is up, so there’s a good chance we’ll see the phone launch with the Snapdragon 898 inside. 

While it isn’t a huge surprise that Xiaomi is up first – the Chinese company did, after all, launch the first phone powered by its predecessor, the Snapdragon 888 – it is interesting to hear that Motorola is second in line for the chip with a phone at the ready. 

So, what do we know about the Snapdragon 898 so far?

Image: Digital Chat Station via SparrowNews

Earlier this week, Digital Chat Station shared a photo of a device sporting a Snapdragon SM8450 processor on Weibo (via SparrowNews). The codename has come to be associated with the Snapdragon 898. 

According to the image, the chipset will feature one 3.0GHz mega-core, three 2.5GHz large cores and four 1.79GHz small cores. The chip will also include the Adreno 730 GPU. 

There has been speculation that the phone in the photo is actually the Xiaomi 12, which would make sense if Xiaomi is launching a Snapdragon 898-powered phone in the near future. 

Meanwhile, Ice Universe recently shared Geekbench 5 benchmarking scores for the chipset, with figures 15% higher than those recorded by the Snapdragon 888 and 5% higher than those for the 888 Plus (via GSMArena).

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