The Galaxy S23 Ultra just took another massive price cut

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has received a massive price cut as part of this Mobile Phones Direct deal.

We’ve been bringing you a fair few Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deals of late, but this one might just beat them all. Head over to Mobile Phones Direct right now and you’ll be able to grab Samsung’s flagship phone on a 24 month contract for £50 a month, with an up front fee of just £35.

That’s a total price of £1,235, which is less than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra would cost if you bought it outright.

Save big on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra contract
Get the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on contract for less than the price of the phone outright.

Mobile Phones Direct
£35 up front
£50 a month

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This is with a very generous 24 month Three contract, which gives you unlimited texts and minutes and 100GB of data. It also includes a 6 month Disney+ subscription for free, which is a nice perk to have. You’ll certainly have a great display – and the necessary data – to stream all that blockbuster content.

Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a brilliant phone all round. We rate it to be the best flagship Android phone of 2023 so far.

In our 4.5-star review, we praised the Galaxy S23 Ultra for its all-round brilliance. “It has one of the best displays, a top-notch stylus experience, blisteringly fast performance and a camera setup that beats just about anything in the flagship arena right now”, we said.

It’s worth taking a minute to fully appreciate that camera, because it’s a doozy. You get a massive 200MP image sensor for most of your snaps, while the phone’s peerless zoomed shots are handled by a pair of 10MP sensors, one for 3x and one for 10x shots. Seriously, there’s no better phone at getting you in close to the action.

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