The Galaxy S23 Ultra should not be this cheap

If you’re looking for a top notch phone on an excellent contract for a cheap monthly price, this Galaxy S23 Ultra deal continues to be your best bet.

The deal gets you the Galaxy S23 Ultra on a 24 month iD Mobile contract with unlimited data for just £39.99 a month, with an up front payment of £79. That’s crazy-cheap.

Let’s break things down to illustrate why this is such a bargain. The total cost of this deal is £1,038.76, spread out over two years. The Galaxy S23 Ultra by itself would set you back £1,249 if you were to buy it outright.

Galaxy S23 Ultra with Unlimited Data
The Galaxy S23 Ultra is now so cheap that wouldn’t make sense to opt for any other phone while it’s still going for this price.
£79 upfront
Only £39.99/month

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Factor in that unlimited contract, and really, you should be paying more than the RRP of the phone, not significantly less.

At this point, it’s worth reiterating just how good the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is. We scored it 4.5 stars out of 5 in our review, and we still rate it as the best flagship Android phone that money can buy. Samsung won’t be replacing the phone until the early months of next year either, so it’s still very much the latest and greatest model.

Our reviewer described it as “a smartphone that does it all”, with a big and beautiful AMOLED display, top notch performance, a stylish design, and one of the best camera systems in the business. Its dedicated 10x telephoto camera, in particular, makes the Galaxy S23 Ultra the best phone for zoomed-in shots.

Add to all this Samsung’s peerless S Pen stylus, which is integrated into the body of the phone itself, and you have a flagship phone that’s practically compromise-free.

In fact, just about the only lingering downer for us was how unaffordable the phone was. This cheap Galaxy S23 Ultra contract deal puts paid to that one for a load more people.

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