The Galaxy Z Flip 4 just got a rare discount

Samsung is getting set to refresh its foldable line up at Unpacked next month, which means it’s a great time to grab a superb deal on the current Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Mobile Phones Direct is selling the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 with 200GB of data on the O2 network for just £34 a month with £19 down. This is a sensational offer on one of Samsung’s best foldables yet.

Flip out for this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 deal
The Galaxy Z Flip 4 with 200GB of monthly data is just £34 a month with £19 down. It’s a flippin’ incredible offer.

Mobile Phones Direct
200GB of data
£34 a month (£19 up front)

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Naturally, you’ll get unlimited texts and minutes, while the contract itself has been boosted from 150GB of monthly data. If that’s not enough, you can go truly unlimited for an additional £14 a month.

This is the 128GB configuration of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 with access to 5G data. The handset comes in the graphite shade and delivery will take a few days according to the retailer.

This is a pretty fabulous deal as it comes to just £835 in total, including all of that data over the course of two years. You’ll do well to find the phone cheaper than this to buy outright. Samsung, for example, is selling it for £899 with £100 cashback right now.

We don’t know what Samsung has in store for the Z Flip 5 yet, but the generation-to-generation jumps have started to become a little less pronounced. Samsung is also pretty good about extending the support of its phones these days and you can expect a couple more years of full support for Android operating system updates.

We’re big fans of the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Our reviewer Max Parker gave the handset a 4-star review, praising the battery life improvements and clever camera tricks. He also called it the best small phone around.

“The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the most welcoming foldable phone on the market. It offers minimal upgrades over the previous version, yet it feels like a very complete device,” he wrote.

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