The iPhone 12 mini is a rare Apple bargain right now

You can currently pick up the pint-sized marvel that is the iPhone 12 mini for a scarcely believable bargain price.

Giffgaff is now offering refurbished models of the iPhone 12 mini, with prices starting from a bargain price of just £269 for a handset in ‘Good’ condition. This means that there’s “Noticeable wear and tear”, which means the phone “might have marks on the body and screen”. However, the phone will “run beautifully”.

Get an iPhone 12 mini from just £269
Giffgaff is selling refurbished iPhone 12 mini handsets from just £269.

From £269

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You can also get a refurbished iPhone 12 mini in better condition, with prices topping out at £399 for a ‘Like new’ model.

That’s even cheaper than an iPhone SE (2022), and while that’s for a brand new phone that was only released last year, the 2020 iPhone 12 mini is a much better device all round.

Apple’s original compact phone has a bigger, sharper, brighter, and just plain better 5.4-inch AMOLED display than the latest iPhone SE, which is allied to a much more current and premium flat-edged design.

The iPhone 12 mini also has a better camera system, with a dedicated 12MP ultra-wide accompanying the 12MP wide sensor. The iPhone SE only has a single 12MP wide sensor, and that simply isn’t up to the standard of its slinky brother’s equivalent.

Just about the only thing the iPhone SE (2022) has in its favour is a slightly faster processor, but even then the iPhone 12 mini’s A14 Bionic is no slouch.

We scored the iPhone 12 mini very highly back in the day, with a 4.5-star score. “The iPhone 12 mini is a strong device that will meet the specific needs of people who have felt left out by the rising size of iPhones,” we concluded.

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