The iPhone 12 Pro Max has fallen to a budget price with this deal

There’s a tremendous amount of value to be had on a refurbished iPhone model and this is a great deal on a souped-up iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Amazon is selling a “Renewed” iPhone 12 Pro Max in “excellent condition” for just £487.95. This was Apple’s flagship 2020 phone, so an excellent option for those looking for a great experience without breaking the bank.

Some readers have reported that you need to be signed in with a Prime account to see the discounted price, so be sure to check.

iPhone 12 Pro Max (refurbished) for under £500
You can get an iPhone 12 Pro Max renewed in excellent condition on the cheap at Amazon right now

Save £86
Now £487.95

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The 128GB model comes in the attractive ‘pacific blue’ shade and it’s unlocked for use on all carriers. There’s a full 12-month guarantee on the purchase (except on waterproofing) and you’ll get a replacement or a refund if the phone doesn’t live up to expectations.

The product has been tested and cleaned by Amazon teams, and the battery pack will operate at at least 80% of the capacity compared to a new cell. You won’t see be able to see any signs of damage from 30 centimetres away either. The device will come with a SIM removal tool, a charging brick and a charging cable, although they might not be the originals.

Obviously the iPhone 12 Pro Max still has access to the very latest versions of iOS and it will continue to for years to come. I’ve owned this phone since it came out and it hasn’t occurred to me to update to the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 ranges. Unless something revolutionary happens I won’t be switching to the iPhone 15 either. It’s a rock solid phone.

This was the first phone in the range to get Apple’s striking redesign, which continues to be reflected in the latest models. We gave it a 4.5/5 star score and praised the screen, camera, and battery life.

“The iPhone 12 Pro Max is truly excellent, if you can stomach its size. It offers excellent battery life, a marginally better camera than the smaller Pro, and a screen that’s a pleasure to use for watching, reading and playing,” our reviewer concluded.

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