The iPhone 13 is finally at a reasonable price

If you’d like an iPhone, but can’t afford Apple’s sky high asking price, this iPhone 13 contract deal should be of considerable interest.

It’s amazing how well Apple devices hold their value, certainly compared to their rivals. Even the iPhone 13, which is more than a year and a half old by this point, is only now starting to pop up on some genuinely low price deals. is offering the phone on a 24 month iD Mobile contract with a chunky 100GB of data for just £29.99 a month, with a minimal up front fee of £39. That’s one of the cheapest contracts around right now for a modern iPhone.

Get the iPhone 13 with 100GB of data for £29.99 a month is offering the iPhone 13 on a 24 month contract with 100GB of data for £29.99 a month, with a £39 up front payment.
100GB of data
£29.99 a month, £39 up front

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Wait a minute, didn’t I just say that the iPhone 13 was more than 18 months old by now? How is that a ‘modern iPhone’ then?

Good question. For one thing, Apple itself still sells the iPhone 13 as new, which means it’s quite literally a current model despite the arrival of the iPhone 14.

For another thing – and something Apple probably isn’t too keen for us to point out – the iPhone 14 really isn’t that different to the iPhone 13. As in, they look and feel almost identical, have practically the same display, and even run on a broadly similar chip.

Talking of which, Apple’s custom silicon really is the cream of the crop. The iPhone 13 outperforms some current Android flagship rivals by certain metrics.

Finally, there’s Apple’s legendary legacy support to consider. The company continues supplying its older devices with software updates way beyond what’s normal in the industry. You can expect the iPhone 13 to remain feeling fresh and fast for years to come.

That’s why we stand by our score of 4.5 out of 5 for the iPhone 13. “The iPhone 13 remains a strong upgrade for those who haven’t switched phones for a number of years, especially when the smaller updates of the iPhone 14 are taken into consideration,” we concluded in our recent review revision.

Now that the iPhone 13 is available for such a reasonable price, it’s even easier to recommend.

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