The iPhone 14 has never been cheaper than with this unbelievable deal

The iPhone 14 is currently going for a low monthly fee, courtesy of this excellent contract deal.

Looking to start the year with an iPhone 14-shaped bang? You won’t do better than this contract deal over on MobilePhonesDirect.

For just £39 a month and no up front fee, you’ll get the 128GB iPhone 14 on a 24-month Three contract.

iPhone 14 for £39 per month
Get an iPhone 14 for £39 per month on a 24 month Three contract, with no up front fee

No up front cost
£39 per month

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Besides the iPhone 14 itself, you’ll get yourself a competitive contract with 100GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes.

It’s difficult to quantify these contract deals, suffice to say that the previous best offer we can remember seeing for the iPhone 14 was for the same contract terms at £43 per month. That’s a big saving when you tot up the price over the span of a two year contract.

The iPhone 14 itself is one of the most solid, dependable phones on the market. We awarded it four stars out of five in our review, calling it “a great phone with a top camera, good battery life and all the iOS benefits.”

This year’s model gains some clever safety features, including the ability to detect when you’ve been in a car crash and contact emergency services on your behalf. It can also send out an emergency message via satellite when you’re out of cellular and Wi-Fi range.

Apple’s camera offering is stronger than ever, with a super-stead main sensor that can take impeccable shots in all lighting conditions. There’s an improved selfie camera with autofocus capabilities, and no one captures video better than Apple either.

It’s a tempting package, especially when you factor in this compelling iPhone 14 deal.

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