The Oppo Reno 8 might be the missing OnePlus 10

The OnePlus 10 launch has been a bit unwieldy, with the global OnePlus 10 Pro launch coming last week, months after it was unveiled for the Chinese market.

However, for the first time, the launch of the Pro was not accompanied by a standard OnePlus 10. There are rumours of a OnePlus 10 Ultra, but still no sign of a regular edition.

Now we might know why. It seems the device might launch under sister-company Oppo’s branding. The two companies are much more closely aligned these days and share a lot of R&D resources, so this wouldn’t be surprising at all.

A leak on the Chinese social network Weibo (via Android Headlines) purportedly shows the Oppo Reno 8, which looks an awful lot like what we’ve seen from OnePlus, especially that telltale ‘stovetop’ camera array with the circular LED flash.

Beyond that, the specs outline what many would have expected from a standard OnePlus 10, falling a little below the Pro version. The Pro mentions a Full HD+ 6.55-inch, 120Hz display with a 50-megapixel sensor headlining a triple camera. The design doesn’t feature the same Hasselblad branding, but that’s a decidedly Pro feature anyway.

Reports are now suggesting the OnePlus 10 might have been ‘donated’ to Oppo, so it’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out.

OnePlus has taken some criticism for its closer ties with Oppo in recent months, including an outright rejection of its decision to drop the popular OxygenOS Android UI for the latter’s ColorOS. The venerable Android Police website went as far to say OxygenOS 12 on the OnePlus 9 was “just different shades of lipstick on the same pig.”

Our own Max Parker gave the OnePlus 10 Pro a 4 star review, claiming “the OnePlus 10 Pro notches up some impressive wins with its brilliant screen, fast-charging, and reliable performance,” but bemoaned a camera system that wasn’t up to competing with the leaders of the Android pack.

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