The Pixel Watch’s early Prime Day price cut is unreal

The Google Pixel Watch is among the early Amazon Prime Day savings, giving folks the chance to save a considerable sum on the Wear OS watch.

Amazon is offering the Wi-Fi version of the Pixel Watch for £262 right now, which is a 23% saving on the £330 RRP.

Save £77 on the Google Pixel Watch
If you’re looking to get your smartwatch shopping in before Prime Day, this 23% cut on the Pixel Watch is a good start.

Was £339
Now £262

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This is the Wi-Fi version of the device (so no cellular connectivity) and comes in the silver configuration with a chalk strap.

By scrolling through the options on the listing you can get a champagne gold watch with a hazel strap for the same price. For £265 (just £3 more) you can get the black with charcoal or silver with charcoal combos too. Amazon says this is the lowest price in the last 30 days and that certainly aligns with what we’ve seen during that period.

In our review of the Pixel Watch we praised the cleaner feeling version of Wear OS, which will suit Android purists, while we also found the Fitbit-powered health and fitness features useful. Our reviewer also enjoyed the crisp always-on AMOLED display.

Our reviewer recommended the device if “you want a sleek-looking Wear OS smartwatch: The software runs smooth, Wear OS looks nicer than it does on other Wear watches and that’s wrapped up in a small, but attractive design.”

Google is also planning a Wear OS 4 update later this year, which will introduce a raft of new features and will clean up a few of the things we weren’t that excited about first time around.

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