The S21 Ultra is now cheaper than the Pixel 7a

You can now pick up a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for a cheaper price than the new Pixel 7a.

Why are we referencing Google’s new budget phone here? The Google Pixel 7a has been getting an awful lot of praise of late, not least by us. It’s a brilliant phone for £450, without doubt.

Even so, the Pixel 7a is quite clearly not a flagship phone, which makes this Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra deal so interesting. It gives you this classy phone, in refurbished condition, for just £369.

Get a classy Galaxy S21 Ultra for less than a Pixel 7a
GiffGaff is offering the refurbished Galaxy S21 Ultra for as little as £369, which is significantly less than the current mid-range darling, the Pixel 7a.


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A word on that ‘refurbished’ bit. GiffGaff’s ‘Good’ designation here means that the handset “might have marks on the body and screen. But they run beautifully”.

You can also opt for one off these cheaper Galaxy S21 Ultra handsets in ‘Very good’ condition, which might have “some light marks”, but otherwise has a “pristine screen”, for just £389.

Both are excellent prices for a phone that still looks, feels, and performs like a flagship. We scored it 4.5 stars out of 5 at the time.

“It’s big, powerful and very capable”, we said at the time. Looking at the spec list, it still feels remarkably current, with a superb WQHD+ 120Hz AMOLED display and a brilliantly versatile quad-camera set-up.

The most notable thing about the Galaxy S21 Ultra, however, is its gorgeous design, which arguably hasn’t been matched by Samsung since. It’s a stunner.

This was the last of a stand-alone breed of Ultra phone from Samsung. Subsequent models would essentially take the old Galaxy Note approach, with a less sleek design and S Pen connectivity.

It all means that the Galaxy S21 Ultra still feels like a very modern flagship, which makes this new cheaper price extremely tempting.

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