The unlimited data iPhone 14 offer just got even cheaper

This iPhone 14 contract deal is pretty much the best we’ve seen, with a cheaper monthly outlay than before.

Earlier in the month we brought you a great iPhone 14 contract deal that gave you unlimited data for a decent monthly price. This latest deal completely trumps that.

It’s still with Fonehouse, and you’re still getting an iPhone 14 on a 24 month unlimited-everything contract with no up front fee. However, this time you’re paying just £41 per month, rather than the previous offer’s £43. That’s a bargain.

Get the iPhone 14 with unlimited data for £41 a month
Fonehouse is offering the iPhone 14 on contract with unlimited data for just £41 a month, which is the best we’ve ever seen it.

Unlimited data
£41 a month

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You can even choose your colour, which isn’t always a given with such deals. And yes, that includes Apple’s brand new Yellow option.

Just to emphasise here that this is as good a Three contract as its possible to get, with unlimited texts, minutes, and data. It doesn’t get any better.

We awarded the iPhone 14 four stars in our review, concluding that it was “a great phone with a top camera, good battery life and all the iOS benefits.”

Performance remains excellent thanks to Apple’s A15 Bionic processor, while “the camera is excellent for both photography and videography; the software is top-drawer and the addition of lots of safety features is smart.”

Those safety features include a new Emergency SOS function, which lets you call for help even when there’s no mobile signal. You also get Car Crash Detection, which will automatically notify the emergency services when it detects that you’re in an accident.

Meanwhile, “the battery life is fantastic for a phone of this size, too.” The iPhone 14 is a pretty complete package, and it’s now cheaper than it’s ever been.

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