These $1499 jeans have a pocket just for the Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung has teamed up with Dr Denim to create a pair of jeans that have the perfect pocket for the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Samsung Australia is trying to bring back the noughties in full force, with the focus being on flip phones and denim. The company has teamed up with Australian jean brand Dr Denim to create a pair of jeans that have a pocket small enough to hold the Z Flip 3.

These jeans set themselves apart by not featuring the rectangular and bulky pockets that we’ve come to appreciate; the new pocket fits the Z Flip 3 when it is folded in half.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 measures in at 6.7-inches when it’s folded out, but when in half the phone measures 3.4-inches by 2.8-inches, which is a lot smaller than the standard brick smartphone you’ll find nowadays.

The press release for the jeans puts a big emphasis on the idea of doing away with bulky pockets, however, we’d also argue that these jeans will likely only ever fit a Galaxy Z Flip 3 in them, so you better not be carrying anything else with you when you go out.

These jeans only have one pocket; located on the front of the jeans on the thigh, a few inches lower than where the usual pockets sit. The upper front pockets have also been stitched over with a fashionable Z, so even if you wanted to put things in your other pockets, you’re out of luck here.

These jeans are very limited edition, however, capping out at only 450 pairs you might want to act fast if these are something you’re interested in.

You can buy the jeans for $1499 – that does come included with a Galaxy Z Flip 3 – and they’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes. While we’re big fans of the Z Flip 3. we’re not sure whether we’ll be going all-in with these jeans quite yet.

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