This affordable iPhone 14 deal comes with a massive 300GB of data

Pick up an iPhone 14 on contract and an absolute bucketload of monthly data with this great deal.

Owning an iPhone these days takes a lot of money (thanks for the UK price hike, Apple) and, if you consume a lot of media on the go, an equal quantity of data.

This iPhone 14 deal from Buymobiles might just help out with both of those things. For just £39 per month and £49 up front, you can secure yourself an iPhone 14 on a 24 month O2 contract.

This iPhone 14 contract gives you a bonus 200GB of data
Buymobiles is offering the iPhone 14 on contract with 300GB of data rather than the usual 100GB.

300GB of data
£39 per month, £49 up front

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Said contract gives you unlimited texts and minutes, but also 300GB of data rather than the usual 100GB. Nice.

In case you missed our review, we rated the iPhone 14 to be “a great phone with a top camera, good battery life and all the iOS benefits” in our 4-star review.

While it’s not a huge advance from the iPhone 13 before it, the iPhone 14 remains one of the best all-round smartphones on the market. New this time around is a larger camera sensor and a new Photonic Engine for superior low light shots.

This is the safest phone that Apple has ever produced, too. There’s a brand new Crash Detection feature, which will recognise when you’re in a car crash and alert the appropriate emergency services.

Emergency SOS, meanwhile, lets you call for help even when you have no mobile or Wi-Fi signal. The feature utilises satellites to connect you to emergency services.

Add in some typically excellent performance and Apple’s track record of supporting its phones for years, and you have as safe a bet as you can ask for – especially at this price and with the added buffer of 300GB of data.

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