This Boxing Day iPhone 12 deal is cheaper than going SIM-free

Going SIM-free doesn’t always work out the cheaper option, as proven by this awesome Boxing Day iPhone 12 deal.

Mobile Phones Direct is offering an iPhone 12 for £45 upfront with 50GB of data for just £25 a month in the Boxing Day sales.

iPhone 12 with 50GB data just £25 a month
The iPhone 12 has 5G a new design, MagSafe and a tough-as-nails display. Now it’s just £25 a month with 50GB of data in the Boxing Day sales. It’s just £45 up front.

Mobile Phones Direct
50GB of data
£25 a month

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The deal is on O2’s 5G network and comes with unlimited texts and minutes and the contract lasts for 24 months. The total cost of the contract is £645, while Apple charges £649 for the iPhone 12 alone!

The iPhone 12 in question has 64GB of storage and comes in black and is available for next day delivery if you snap up this deal today.

The iPhone 12 was released in 2020 as a massive step forward for the range. It was the first iPhone to come with 5G connectivity and debuted a bold new design with a brand new camera system. The design remains almost the same in the current iPhone 14 models, so you’ll be amongst the most fashionable iPhones.

It includes Apple’s MagSafe technology, which offers fast wireless charging and connectivity with a range of accessories, from car holsters, to wallets and external battery packs.

Naturally you’ll be able to upgrade to the new iOS 16 operating system and will have access to the latest updates for years to come.

The iPhone 12 received a 4.5 score from Trusted Reviews, which our reviewer Max Parker said was “a huge upgrade in pretty much every way”. He praised the fantastic design, reliable cameras and exceptional performance.

We’d have no qualms with grabbing this 6.1-inch OLED handset, which is also protected by Apple’s Ceramic Shield display tech and IP68 water and dust resistance.

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