This Galaxy S23 deal destroys the iPhone 14

Never mind the iPhone 14, this contract deal on the Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the best deals we’ve seen for a phone of this class.

The deal gives you a Galaxy S23 on a 24 month contract with a whopping 200GB of data for just £34 a month. There’s a small up front payment of £39.

When you total that up, it comes to a price of £855. The Samsung Galaxy S23 on its own typically retails for £849. As a value proposition, this Galaxy S23 deal is pretty wild.

Get the Galaxy S23 with 200GB of data for £855
The Samsung Galaxy S23 can currently be snagged with a healthy 200GB of data for just £34 a month and £39 up front. Altogether, that’s almost the same price as a Galaxy S23 on its own.

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200GB data contract
£34 a month, £39 up front

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We’re big fans of what Samsung is offering with this year’s compact flagship. We gave the Galaxy S23 a 4.5-star review, praising its “pocketable, minimalistic design” and its all-day battery life. You also get genuine flagship performance, which hasn’t always been the case with Samsung’s top phones – at least here in the UK.

Samsung’s displays are always on point, and that’s certainly the case with the Galaxy S23 and its 6.1-inch 120Hz AMOLED. The camera system, meanwhile, is led by a very good 50MP wide sensor that produces well-lit, detailed shots in both well-lit and low-light environments.

You also get a 10MP 3x telephoto with OIS, which is something most phones in this category (including the iPhone 14) notoriously lack.

It’s a great-value phone even at full price, but as part of this contract deal the Samsung Galaxy S23 is a total steal. As we’ve mentioned, you get 200 GB of data as part of the offer, which is a bump from the usual 150GB. Either way, it’s way more data than the vast majority of people will need in a month.

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