This Galaxy S23 offer with unlimited data is an absolute steal

If you’re looking for a new Samsung phone, you won’t want to miss this brilliant deal on the Galaxy S23

The 128GB Galaxy S23 is now available with unlimited 5G data, texts and minutes for just £49 upfront and £39 a month on Three. This deal comes via Mobile Phones Direct, who are throwing in a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro wireless earbuds for free. 

Not only are you getting a free pair of earbuds, but this contract will cost you about £985 over the course of the two-year plan. That’s only £136 more than the price of the phone alone, which works out at less than £6 a month over the course of the contract for all of that data.

Get the Galaxy S23 with unlimited data for £39/month
The Samsung Galaxy S23 is now just £49 upfront and £39 a month on Mobile Phones Direct. That includes unlimited data, texts and minutes on Three.

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£49 upfront

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The Galaxy S23 is the latest flagship phone from Samsung, boasting a powerful Snapdragon chip, a bright 6.1-inch AMOLED screen and a 50-megapixel triple camera. 

While we haven’t shared our final thoughts on the Galaxy S23 just yet, mobile editor Lewis Painter spent some hands-on time with the device and shared his thoughts in our First Impressions review. 

“The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a pocket-friendly charmer with a slick, minimalistic design, a gorgeous 6.1in AMOLED display and, although not quite as capable as the S23 Ultra, it should be able to hold its own in the camera department too – though I’ll reserve final judgement for my full review”, wrote Lewis. 

“It does look promising though, especially for those on the hunt for a high-end smartphone that’s easy to use one-handed and will slip into small pockets without complaint”. 

If you’re looking to upgrade to the latest Samsung phone with unlimited data, this deal is a fantastic option. 

Head to Mobile Phones Direct today to get the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S23, unlimited data, texts and minutes all for just £49 upfront and £39 a month for 24 months and snap up a free pair of Galaxy Buds 2 wireless earbuds while you’re at it.

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