This iPhone 11 unlimited data offer is the perfect low-cost contract

Anyone looking for an iPhone offer with a generous low-cost monthly contract should check out this deal.

Fonehouse is currently offering the iPhone 11 on a 24 month contract deal for just £25, and with no up front fee.

The key to this deal lies with the contract itself, however. This is a fully decked out Three contract with unlimited data, minutes, and texts.

Most other contract deals of this ilk will restrict your data in some way, or else charge you much more each month to go unlimited.

iPhone 11 with unlimited data for £25 a month
Fonehouse is offering the iPhone 11 on a 24 month contract with no up front fee for £25 per month, and it also features unlimited data.

Unlimited data
£25 per month

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As for the iPhone 11, it’s a dependable piece of kit. True, it’s no spring chicken, with three generations of Apple smartphones coming along since its late 2019 launch.

However, iPhones are traditionally supported for many years, so picking up an iPhone 11 today feels much like picking up an iPhone 14.

It helps that this is such a well-built phone, with an IP68 rating and premium glass and metal materials. We awarded the handset 4.5 stars at the time, calling it “A great phone”, and praising it for “An excellent camera and strong battery life” in our review.

Apple’s custom-built A13 Bionic chip might not be cutting edge, but that fact that it’s an in-house effort ensures that the phone continues to feel fast to this day.

That dual 12MP camera system still holds up too, with Apple’s signature natural colour science shining through. The iPhone 11 saw the debut of Night Mode, too, so you can take spookily clear and sharp shots even in low lighting.

All in all, the iPhone 11 remains a solid pick, especially as part of this data-rich contract offer.

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