This iPhone 12 deal is a rare Apple bargain

This deal on a refurbished iPhone 12 represents a rare Apple bargain.

Over on, you can pick up an iPhone 12 64GB on a 24 month contract for just £26.99 per month, with a negligible up front fee of £19.

The contract itself is on iD Mobile, the MVNO owned by UK retailer Currys. It gives you a healthy 25GB of data, and unlimited texts and minutes.

Get an iPhone 12 on contract for £26.99 a month is offering an as-good-as-new iPhone 12 on a 24 month iD contract for just £26.99 a month with an up front fee of £19.
£19 up front
£26.99 a month

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Let’s back up a second – what does it mean when we say ‘refurbished’? No-one wants to be locked into a two year contract for a semi-functional, dinged-up smartphone after all.

Don’t worry.’s refurbs are described as “handsets which have been purchased and then returned”, mostly due to a simple change of mind. In some cases there may be a minor technical fault, but these have been “reconditioned by expert technicians to ensure its fit for resale”.

In other words, buying this refurbished iPhone 12 is as good as buying one brand new, which is why this deal is such a bargain.

As for the iPhone 12 itself, it still stands up as a great buy more than two years on from launch. We scored it 4.5 stars out of 5 at the time, and having revisited our original review more recently we concluded that “the iPhone 12 can still offer plenty of bang for its buck”.

It packs a fantastic design (essentially the same as the latest iPhone 14), very reliable cameras, and strong performance. Apple’s peerless legacy support means that it’ll likely keep on feeling fresh for another five years at least.

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