This iPhone 13 deal just destroyed the competition

Affordable Mobiles has launched a brilliant contract deal for the iPhone 13.

Click on that deal button below, and you’ll be able to snag an iPhone 13 128GB on a generous 24 month contract for just £36 per month. The usual £59 up front fee has been knocked off as part of the deal, with the relevant promo code automatically applied when you hit that link.

Get the iPhone 13 with no up front fee
This Affordable Mobiles deal gets you the iPhone 13 128GB with no up front fee on a 24 month Three contract.

Affordable Mobiles
No up front fee
Now £36 per month

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The Three contract that comes as part of the deal is a strong one too, giving you 100GB of monthly data allowance and unlimited texts and minutes.

This is easily one of the best phones you can get for the price. We’d probably say that it’s a better shout than the iPhone 14 for this money, given that the two phones share the same chipset and design.

We’ve revised our iPhone 13 review recently in the wake of the iPhone 14 launch, but we still think it’s worthy of its 4.5-star score. “The iPhone 13 remains a strong upgrade for those who haven’t switched phones for a number of years, especially when the smaller updates of the iPhone 14 are taken into consideration”, we concluded.

Unlike the iPhone 14, the iPhone 13 represents a considerable improvement over its predecessor, with much improved battery life, a very bright OLED display, and an excellent main camera.

“If you can find this on a deal around a big shopping day or a sale then it’s even more of a recommendation”, said our re-reviewer. Here’s your deal. Now go and claim it.

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