This Motorola Edge 40 bargain gets you 250GB and a free Lenovo Smart Clock

You can already grab a bargain deal on the new Motorola Edge 40, with money off and a free Lenovo Smart Clock 2.

The following deal gives you the sparkly new Motorola Edge 40 on a 24 month contract, with a whopping 250GB of data, for just £24 a month, with no up front fee.

Note that you’ll need to send off to redeem the £144 cashback offer, otherwise you’ll be paying £30 a month. Even without that money off, this is a great deal.

Save £144 on the Motorola Edge 40 with a free Lenovo Smart Clock 2
You can already get the Motorola Edge 40 on a great contract deal, saving £144 overall and claiming a free Lenovo Smart Clock 2 and charger.
Save £144
Free Lenovo Smart Clock 2

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Motorola is also offering a free Lenovo Smart Clock 2 (worth £79.99) with your Motorola Edge 40 purchase. Just fill this form in once you have your Motorola Edge 40, and you’ll get this neat smart clock, together with a complementary Lenovo wireless charging dock, for free.

This combo makes for the perfect bedside companion, offering a retro alarm clock vibe, but with Google Assistant smarts, a solid speaker, and easy phone charging.

As for the Motorola Edge 40 itself, we awarded it 4 stars out of 5 in our review. “Motorola has managed to deliver something that not only looks good and feels good in the hand, but a smartphone of substance,” we said. “The Edge 40 boasts a gorgeous display, a rear-facing camera just as capable in low light as daylight, fast charging and decent performance.”

Perhaps the standout component here is a 144Hz OLED display, which is unusually fluid as such things go. Charging is fast, courtesy of a 68W wired charger, while Motorola’s super-clean software is always welcome.

All in all, a total Motorola Edge 40 bargain.

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