This Pixel 6a deal gets you unlimited data on the cheap

The Pixel 6a is one of the hottest phones on the market right now, and with this contract deal you can get unlimited data into the bargain.

Mobile Phones Direct is offering the Pixel 6a on a 24 month contract deal for just £19 per month, with no up front cost.

Tot up that contract price, and you’ll see that you’re paying £456 overall. Considering the Pixel 6a has an RRP of £400, that’s startling value.

Get a Pixel 6a with unlimited data for £19 a month
Get the Pixel 6a on a 24 month contract with unlimited data, texts, and minutes for just £19 a month.

Mobile Phones Direct
Unlimited data
Now £19 a month

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But the really good news here is that this Three contract gives you unlimited everything: minutes, texts, and data.

We gave a the Pixel 6a a glowing 4-star review, praising it as “a small, powerful Android phone that’s more wallet-friendly next to Google’s other devices”. After giving the phone another look more recently, we concluded that “it remains a great phone in 2023 for those who prefer great software rather than big spec sheets”.

The Pixel 6a benefits from a compact form factor and an excellent camera for the price. There’s no other phone at this end of the market that can take quite such crisp night shots. It’s slightly spooky.

Then there’s Google’s reliably excellent software. The company’s clean take on Android and the total lack of bloatware really is blissful.

Just about the only issue we thought there might be with the Pixel 6a in 2023 is that you can now get the superior Pixel 6 for a decent price. However, with this contract deal throwing in unlimited data, the Pixel 6a is definitely a solid value proposition once again.

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