This Pixel 7 deal destroys the Pixel 7a

If you’re about to buy a Pixel 7a, don’t – we’ve just spotted a Pixel 7 deal that offers even better value for money.

Right now, you can bag a new Pixel 7 with a whopping 100GB of data for just £22.99 a month and absolutely nothing to pay upfront. At that rate, the total cost of the contract will only come to £551.76, which is less than the £599 asking price of buying the Pixel 7 on its own.

At that point, you’re far better off opting for the Pixel 7 than the cheaper 7a, as you’ll be getting all of the extra benefits including a more robust build and a better camera set-up for not that much more than the budget handset.

Plus, that 100GB data allowance is more than enough to keep even the more active social media posters happy, and it’s a handy amount to have if you ever need to use your phone as a personal hotspot to tether other devices to.

Back to the phone at hand, the Pixel 7 is easily one of the best devices you can buy right now. Speaking from experience, I recently made the jump to the Pixel 7 from the iPhone 14 to help with a Wear OS smartwatch review, but I’ve enjoyed my time with the Pixel 7 to such a degree that I’m now using it as my regular handset.

Unbelievable Pixel 7 Deal
Forget the Pixel 7a, the Pixel 7 is an absolutely bargain with this 100GB tariff that features no upfront cost whatsoever.
No upfront cost
Just £22.99/month

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For starters, the camera system is incredible. I’ve yet to find a scenario in which the Pixel 7 might struggle, as it manages to put out punchy and eye-catching photos every time and that’s before mentioning the bevy of features at your disposal in Google Photos, including the next-level Magic Eraser.

Beyond that, the Pixel 7 boasts a handful of very useful features including Screen Call, which lets the Google Assistant act as a buffer between yourself and scam callers – showing you exactly what the caller is saying in text form so you can decide whether to pick up or end the call.

The Pixel 7 also has a killer feature when it comes to voice recordings, in that it can automatically dictate what it hears in real-time and recognise when multiple people are speaking that so it all doesn’t get clumped together in one block of text.

For these reasons and more, the Pixel 7 is an outstanding handset and one that’s never been easier to recommend when it’s available at such a cheap price.

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