This S23 Ultra Chromebook bundle is a bargain

Looking for a new smartphone and laptop combo? Check out this deal on a Galaxy S23 Ultra and a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go bundle.

Amazon is offering these two great devices, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, for just £1,249. That’s a huge saving of £449, or 26%, over the usual bundle price of £1,698.

Save £449 on a Galaxy S23 Ultra and Chromebook Go bundle
Amazon is offering a deal on a bundle comprised of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, with a massive saving of £449 or 26%.

Save 26%
Now £1,249

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The Galaxy S23 Ultra probably needs no introduction by now. It’s Samsung’s 2023 flagship, and arguably the best phone on the market right now.

We scored the Galaxy S23 Ultra 4.5 stars out of 5 in our review, thanks to its all-round brilliant. It’s got one of the biggest and best displays in the business, competitive performance thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, and one of the best camera systems around.

In particular, it has a pair of telephoto cameras that combine to provide arguably the best camera zoom experience money can buy.

Talking of unparalleled smartphone experiences, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the only flagship phone on the market to offer an integrated stylus. Samsung’s S Pen is a smooth operator, letting you scrawl notes and have them transcribed automatically.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is pretty great, but there’s another part to this bundle. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is a compact laptop running on Google’s lightweight Chrome OS. It’s ideal for those who want a highly portable computer to perform simple and web-based tasks like web browsing and word processing, but without the hit to battery life than most Windows laptops come with.

Combine the two together and lop £450 off the price, and you have an affordable way to get up and running with a classy portable work or study set-up.

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