This unlimited data iPhone 11 deal destroys the competition

The iPhone 11 still offers the latest version of iOS 16 and at this price it’s an excellent option for those seeking an Apple phone at a great price.

Mobile Phones Direct is giving away the iPhone 11 with unlimited data for just £24 a month. You’ll have access to 5G data on the Three network too.

Get an iPhone 11 with unlimited data for £24 a month
The iPhone 11 is more than three years old, but an unlimited data contract for just £24 a month with no money down.

Mobile Phones Direct
Unlimited data
£24 a month

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Naturally, there’s unlimited texts and unlimited minutes (anyone remember when this was the be-all, end-all?) and you’ll get free next day delivery on the phone too, which can’t be sniffed at.

The iPhone 11 has been around since 2019 so it’s a bit long in the tooth at this stage, but still provides a good camera, with strong battery life and passable power from the A13 Bionic.

There’s a 6.1-inch LCD Display and 64GB of storage on offer. Apple provided a 2 x 12 megapixel camera on the back, as well as Face ID and a 12-megapixel camera on the front.

Our review at the time awarded it a 4.5 star score, but that certainly wouldn’t hold up in 2023. Our reviewer called it: “A great phone, the iPhone 11 is the default Apple flagship for the next year and it’s worthy of that crown. An excellent camera and strong battery life make this is an easy choice.”

Whether it’s still the choice for 2023 will depend on your needs and your budget, but if you’re operating at that end of the market, this is a good deal. You’ll probably see similar details for the latest iPhone SE too, so be on the lookout.

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