This unlimited data S23 Ultra contract is an absolute bargain

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is still technically in the oven with a release date of February 17, but Mobile Phones Direct has already cooked up a great contract deal for you.

Head over to the Mobile Phones Direct website and you’ll find that’s you can pre-order a 512GB Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 24 month O2 contract for a monthly fee of £48 and an up front fee of £229.

Great Galaxy S23 Ultra contract deal with unlimited texts, calls, and data
Mobile Phones Direct is offering the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on pre-order with a 24 month O2 contract for a relatively low price.

Mobile Phones Direct
Unlimited texts, minutes, and data
£1,381 in total

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The contract itself supplies unlimited everything – texts, minutes, and data – so there are no worries there.

If you’re struggling to get your head around the value proposition here (we’re still talking about a lot of money for a decidedly premium phone after all) then simply consider the overall cost of this deal. Lump the whole contract together and you’ll be paying £1,381 in total.

Now compare that to the up front cost of a 512GB Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is £1,249. You’re essentially paying £132 for that maxed-out contract, which works out to £5.50 a month. Yep, it’s a bargain alright.

We’re not quite ready with our Galaxy S23 Ultra review just yet – remember, it doesn’t hit shops until February 17 – but we can tell you that the 200MP camera is a stunner. More testing is needed, but the level of detail and low-light clarity are already impressing us.

Performance looks likely to be on point, courtesy of a custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. Samsung’s decision to flatten out its massive 6.8-inch display promises good things for productivity fiends, with more usable space for using that S Pen stylus.

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