This unlimited iPhone 14 Plus contract is a huge bargain

The iPhone 14 Plus allows you to get your mitts around a larger iPhone without paying full whack for a Pro model. At this price, you should strongly consider grasping one.

Mobile Phones Direct is offering an iPhone 14 Plus with unlimited 5G data for £45 a month. The contract for two years on the Vodafone network requires an upfront cost of £39. The handset itself is £949 to buy outright, so you’re doing pretty well here.

Get an iPhone 14 Plus with unlimited data for just £45 a month
Unlimited data on the 2022 iPhone we find easiest to recommend? Not a bad option for £45 a month at Mobile Phones Direct.

Mobile Phones Direct
Unlimited 5G data
£45 a month (+£39 upfront)

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What’s not to love about this deal, which also offers unlimited texts and minutes? The iPhone 14 Plus in question comes with 128GB of storage in the midnight black hue and there’s free next day delivery on your order.

We’re big fans of this handset, especially the extended battery life you get for grabbing the larger model. Despite the increased footprint, there’s a light design and fast and reliable performance.

Our reviewer gave the iPhone 14 Plus a near-perfect 4.5 score out of a possible five, calling it the “easiest one to recommend” of the 2022 crop. Think of it as the standard iPhone 14 model, but with the larger screen size many people have been craving for from Apple.

Our editor Max Parker also called it “the best iPhone for battery life for some distance” after the device left him with 40-50% of battery life at the end of the day, even with Netflix streaming.

The 6.7-inch display is perfect for Netflix and offers you a little more real estate for gaming too. You’ll get Apple’s new Emergency SOS via satellite feature too, which is ideal if you’re prone to long hikes out of regular service range.

Max concluded: “I really like the iPhone 14 Plus and it’s easily one of the best iPhones around. It’s the one new iPhone that’s a little different, combining some of the best bits from the cheaper iPhone 14 and the pricier Pro models into a tempting proposition. While it’s far from the most feature-rich iPhones, having a bigger screen in a lighter shell is welcome.”

Remember, iPhones no longer ship with headphones or charging bricks in the United Kingdom so if you need those pick them up before checkout.

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