Want unbeatable value? Here’s why you need the TCL 30 SE smartphone


Too many smartphones nowadays expect you to contend with high price tags in return for flagship features, but the TCL 30 SE is here to show you that you can get the latest high-end specs without breaking the bank.

Let’s face it, the first feature that everyone wants to know about when it comes to a new phone is the camera set-up, and luckily the TCL 30 SE does not disappoint. With no less than three sensors on the back, spearheaded by a 50MP camera, you’ll be able to capture stunning photos with little effort.

The included depth sensor also helps to capture eye-catching portrait shots that’ll have you and your friends looking your best, all with crisp and clear detail. If the party keeps on going after lights out then there’s no need to worry as you can swap over to the camera’s night mode and still pick up everything that’s happening without sacrificing image quality.

Offer – Get the TCL 30SE for £15 p/m with 32GB of data from Vodafone, was 2GB of data! Also get £25 cashback on Vodafone!

The camera is able to achieve this thanks to its next-generation 4-in-1 big pixel3 feature which combines the clarity of four pixels into just one, providing vibrant colour that makes every shot, whether it’s taken in the daytime or after dark, worthy of posting.

Helping to run all of this software is the super fast Helio G25 Octa-core chipset with a 2.0Ghz processor. The chipset has been designed to make the most out of the TCL 30 SE, boosting its multitasking capabilities so that you can swap between your favourite apps at a moment’s notice, all without noticing any drops in speed.

Even when you’re just scrolling away at your timeline, the chipset is working away in the background to prevent any apps from chipping away at your battery unnecessarily. Speaking of which, the days of just barely making it home before the battery reaches 0% are long gone.

The TCL 30 SE features a whopping 5000mAh battery which can keep everything running for up to two days on a single charge. That means that if you find yourself unexpectedly staying over at a friend’s house after you’ve missed the last train home then you don’t have to worry about a dead battery the next day – you’ll still have plenty left in the tank.

When you do need to top up however, you don’t need to wait very long as the TCL 30 SE utilises 15W fast charging, which can really come in handy if you forget to charge your phone until 10 minutes before you need to leave. A quick juice up and you’ll be ready to go for the rest of the day.

And on those days when you’re headed into the office or off to school, the 30 SE’s 6.52-inch HD+ display is perfect for catching up on the latest shows or your favourite movies. The wide 20:9 aspect ratio can recreate that cinematic feeling in the palm of your hand, and the exclusive NXTVISION software not only adapts what you see on screen so that colours always look their best, but it also optimises the display in general use to help protect your eyes.

All of this and more ensure that the TCL 30 SE is one of the best value phones available right now, and it can be yours from as little as £12.99 a month. If you love to surf the web and stream content on the go then Carphone Warehouse’s 32GB contract is just the ticket, costing only £15 a month and throwing in £25 cashback via Vodafone.

Offer – Get the TCL 30SE for £15 p/m with 32GB of data from Vodafone, was 2GB of data! Also get £25 cashback on Vodafone!


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