What is OnePlus Active CryoFlux?

OnePlus announced the OnePlus 11 Concept at MWC 2023 as well as Active CyyoFlux. But what exactly are they?

MWC 2023 has already given us a batch of new announcements surrounding a multitude of brands. OnePlus has already somewhat stolen the limelight with the announcement of the OnePlus Pad and the OnePlus 11 Concept, not to be confused with the OnePlus 11 that launched earlier in the year.

But what makes the OnePlus 11 Concept so special? One of the key points made at MWC was the launch of Active CryoFlux, which is housed inside the new handset. We’re going to be taking a closer look at Active CryoFlux and how it’s being used to improve OnePlus handsets.

What is OnePlus Active CryoFlux?

Active CryoFlux is a new active cooling technology that features within the OnePlus 11 Concept. According to the company, CryoFlux has been shown to bring down the temperature of a phone during gameplay by up to 2.1 degrees Celsius. It also was able to improve a game’s frame rate by three to four frames.

Moreover, Active CryoFlux can decrease the temperature of a phone by up to 1.6 degrees Celsius during charging, which can shave between 30 and 45 seconds off the charging time overall.

OnePlus 11 Concept. Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

OnePlus was able to create this technology by miniaturising the cooling capacity of a gaming PC to make it fit within a standard smartphone. The size and shape of the technology, and the way it flows through the phone, also means that users won’t notice a significant increase in the OnePlus 11 Concept’s weight or thickness, allowing it to keep many of the design features of its predecessor.

It’s important to note that the OnePlus 11 Concept is not a phone that you can buy, and it’s doubtful that it will ever go on sale. The phone is instead being used to display this new Active CryoFlux technology at MWC 2023. However, it seems very likely that future phones from the company could start to include the latest Active CryoFlux feature. 

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