What is Samsung GIF Remaster? New AI tool you didn’t know you needed explained

What is Samsung GIF Remaster? The Samsung Galaxy S23 series arrives with a fun new camera feature that improves some of the most shared media on earth – GIFs!

Revealed at the Samsung Unpacked event on February 1, GIF Remaster is a neat AI feature that can improve the quality of animated GIF files, even if they haven’t been captured/created by the phone owner.

We’ve all received really low-quality GIFs within WhatsApp chats or Messenger conversations, which have been drawn from videos compressed within an inch of their existence. Using AI, GIF Remaster (pronounced JIF by Samsung during the event – the horror!), those ultra-shareable looping videos can be upscaled and then shared in an improved resolution.

Samsung was light on the details of how this will work in practice, but it’s likely to be available at the touch of a button when selecting options for the GIF file in question. Some might argue the poor quality of these files is part of the charm, but any chance to have a more perfect version of the perfect GIF is fine by us.

The Korean giant focused strongly on the cameras during the Unpacked event, announcing a new adaptive Quad Pixel pixel binning feature for the Galaxy S23 Ultra that’ll combine pixels in certain conditions for more detailed photography.

In low light for example, 16 of the 200-megapixels available within the new ISOCELL sensor, can combine to capture a 12.5-megapixel photo that allows more light in. In normal light, four pixels combine for a 50-megapixel photo, if the user chooses.

The Super HDR technology will now support 4K 60fps for the front and rear cameras too. There was also plenty of news on the series’ Nightography skills.

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