Xiaomi 12 tipped for March 15 global launch

Xiaomi could be set to launch its Xiaomi 12 flagship smartphone line around the globe on March 15, if recent tips are to be believed.

The Xiaomi 12 wasn’t so much the first big flagship phone release of 2022 as the last flagship phone of 2021 when it launched on December 31. This launch was only in Xiaomi’s native China, however. Despite such an early rollout, we haven’t heard a sniff about a global launch.

That might be set to change very soon. According to Gizmochina (citing “authoritative sources”), the Xiaomi 12 series will make an appearance on the global smartphone market on March 15.

Apparently this news has nothing to do with the Mobile World Congress event that has just kicked off in Barcelona, with Xiaomi keeping a low profile on that front. Rather, this March 15 launch will apparently take the form of an online event, with Europe and India set to be the first global markets after China to receive the phones.

The report isn’t clear on which of the three initial Xiaomi 12 phones will make their way to the global market. We’d place good money on the Xiaomi 12 and the Xiaomi 12 Pro making an appearance, but we’re less convinced that the Xiaomi 12X will make the switch.

There are rumours that a Xiaomi 12 Mini might be joining the line-up for this global launch, and we’ve also seen mention of a Xiaomi 12 Lite.

Whatever shape the line-up takes, it seems Xiaomi will be focusing on the Xiaomi 12’s camera chops during its global launch event, with a pitch to “Master every scene”.

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