Xiaomi 13 Ultra vs Oppo Find X6 Pro: The key differences

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is the latest phone to become the talk of the town in 2023, flaunting several exciting features including an impressive camera array, speedy performance and a mega battery.

By judging the specs, the new Xiaomi 13 Ultra is curiously similar to the Oppo Find X6 Pro, which was also unveiled in early 2023. 

There seems to be very little separating the two phones, both powered by the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and sporting a 1440p 120Hz AMOLED display. 

If you’re stuck between the two phones, we’re here to break down the key differences and determine which is the best phone for your needs. 

Xiaomi 13 Ultra – Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Xiaomi 13 Ultra has a quad-camera array

The camera is a major focus for the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Oppo Find X6 Pro, with both opting for a 50MP 1-inch main rear sensor. 

However, Xiaomi has arguably pipped the Oppo Find X6 Pro by installing a fourth camera on the rear. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra packs a 50MP main sensor, a 50MP 3.2x telephoto sensor, a 50MP 5x super-telephoto sensor and a 50MP ultra-wide angle sensor.

For comparison, the Oppo Find X6 Pro features just three cameras on the rear, made up of 50MP main sensor, a 50MP 2.8x periscope telephoto sensor and a 50MP ultra-wide sensor. 

By purely judging the specs, it looks as if the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will have better zoom capabilities than the Oppo Find X6 Pro, although we’re going to wait until we test both phones to know for sure. 

Xiaomi 13 Ultra – Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Xiaomi 13 Ultra can record video in 8K

It looks like the Xiaomi 13 Ultra steals an advantage in terms of shooting video too, as the new phone is capable of recording in 8K at 24fps. 

Meanwhile, the Oppo Find X6 Pro peaks with video quality of 4K at 60fps, and so can’t match the high video capture resolution of the Xiaomi. 

8K video should appear sharper than 4K, with more pixels resulting in a more detailed shot. However, since the Xiaomi can only shoot 8K video with a 24fps, video won’t appear very smooth. As a result, you may well prefer sticking to the 4K at 60fps video mode for either phone, but it’s nevertheless nice to have the option of 8K. 

Oppo Find X6 Pro

Oppo Find X6 Pro has slightly speedier charging

There’s very little separating the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Oppo Find X6 Pro in terms of battery life. Both pack a huge 5000mAh capacity cell, while supporting wireless charging and fast charging. 

But if we’re to split hairs, the Oppo Find X6 Pro does boast slightly faster charging speeds. Oppo’s phone supports 100W fast charging, with the company claiming the battery can be replenished in just 30 minutes. 

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra isn’t too far behind, with the 90W fast charging apparently equating to a recharge speed of 35 minutes. Will that extra 5 minutes make a difference? Probably not, but it’s still a slight advantage to Oppo if you really care about speedy charging. 

Xiaomi 13 Ultra – Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Xiaomi 13 Ultra has up to 1TB of storage 

If you plan on snapping lots of photos and recording lots of video, then storage will likely be high up on your list of priorities. Both the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Oppo Find X6 Pro are available with 256GB and 512GB configurations, but Xiaomi has gone one step further. 

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is available with a whopping 1TB of storage, which means that you can fit roughly 142 hours of 4K video on the phone. Some may think that’s excessive and prefer to stick to the more affordable configurations, but the 1TB model may be a tempting choice for those who plan on recording video frequently – especially if you like shooting in 8K. 

But with the Oppo Find X6 Pro supporting a huge 512GB of storage, that should still be plenty enough for the vast majority of people. 

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