You can finally get the Galaxy Z Flip 4 for under £500

Check out this deal for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, which gets you Samsung’s latest flip phone for less than £500.

Who said foldable phones have to be sold at flagship prices? OK, pretty much every foldable manufacturer to date. But there is a way to get the latest and greatest flip phone for half its normal price.

Giffgaff is now selling refurbished models of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G. You can choose four conditions: Like new, Excellent, Very good, and Good. The latter of those costs just £429, which is less than half the phone’s £999 RRP.

Get a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 for just £429
Giffgaff is selling refurbished Galaxy Z Flip 4 handsets from just £429

From £429

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You’ll need to make some aesthetic concessions for such a meaty price cut. Giffgaff describes a phone in ‘Good’ condition as showing signs of “Noticeable wear and tear”, and that it “Might have marks on the body and screen”. Still, these phones will “run beautifully”.

This is an up front fee for an unlocked handset, so you can pair it with your current SIM regardless of the provider. Giffgaff also provides a 21-day no quibble return if you’re not happy with the condition of your refreshed Galaxy Z Flip 4.

The phone itself is nothing less than “the most welcoming foldable phone on the market”, according to our review. Its clamshell design unfurls from a compact, square device to a fully fledged 6.7-inch smartphone with all of the usual flagship bells and whistles.

We found that the phone’s bigger battery and slightly better camera made it a welcome step up from the Galaxy Z Flip 3. That’s what makes this Galaxy Z Flip 4 deal a real steal.

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