You need to see this unlimited data Galaxy A54 deal

This Samsung Galaxy A54 contract deal is the best we’ve seen yet. is offering Samsung’s latest mid-range marvel on a 24 month contract for just £25.99 per month, with no upfront cost.

The real kicker here, at least compared to previous Galaxy A54 contract deals, is the contract itself. It’s with iD (the Currys-owned MVNO), and it gives you unlimited everything, including data. That’s the holy grail of modern contracts, allowing you to call, text, surf and tether to your heart’s content.

Get a Galaxy A54 with unlimited data for £25.99 a month
Get the Samsung Galaxy A54 with unlimited everything – including data – for £25.99 a month and no up front fee.
Unlimited data
Now £25.99 a month

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Contract aside, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate what a good phone the Samsung Galaxy A54 is. We awarded it 4 stars out of 5 in our review.

“The Samsung Galaxy A54 is a decent all-rounder with a hint of a truly premium build,” we noted. There aren’t many phones at this price that will give you a glass rear and IP67 water resistance.

It looks and feels a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S23, which costs a lot more money. We have some images of the two phones side by side in our review, and it’s real ‘spot the difference’ stuff.

This design is accompanied by a punchy 6.4-inch 120Hz AMOLED display with an FHD+ resolution.

You also get a solid 50MP main camera, backed by OIS, which really adds to that flagship vibe. This camera can capture decent shots with strong HDR performance, which isn’t always something you can say with cheaper phones.

If you’re in the market for a phone that can do everything pretty well, and look good doing it, then this Galaxy A54 deal is one of the best value out there.

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